Woo Juice: Neil’s Tired List Of Testimonials (With Commentary)

In an effort to keep Neil C. Reinhardt from making unreasonably long comments filled with testimonials of little to no value, I have moved all of his long lists of testimonials and links here.  His comments are repeated here word for word-cut and pasted- to this single page.  His words are in black, any comments in RED are mine.  To figure out where the heck this stuff comes from, here is a list of the posts-in order- that reference Neil and his sad obsession with an unproven health product. For reference, I have Linked the title of each group to the original comment.

Getting Skeptical About Woo Juice Pt.1- For The Credulous Asshole Troll Neil C. Reinhardt

Getting Skeptical About Woo Juice Pt.2-

Getting Skeptical About Woo Juice pt.3-

Sports Testimonials

Johan Van Der Velde

Dutch cyclist Johan van der Velde is a living legend in the Netherlands. He has worn the yellow jersey at the Tour de France, has twice been the Dutch National Road Race Champion and is a three time winner of the Purple Points jersey in Giro d`Italia.

He is also not Lance Armstrong- who coincidentally doesn’t drink noni.  He also is not the other several athletes who managed to beat Johann “Superfruit” Van Der Velde in successive cycling championships.  None of these people drink noni.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Paul Haarhuis

Haarhuis was ranked number one in the world as a doubles player and won 6 Grand Slam titles including Wimbledon, the US Open, the French Open and Australian Open. He understands what it takes to compete at a professional level.

Does Haarhuis credit his several losses to noni as well?

Isa Phillips

A native of Kingston, Jamaica, and a graduate of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Isa competed in distance medley relays, 4×400 meter relays, and 800 meters competitions during his college years.

Wow!  Here is a guy who drinks noni who was good enough to compete!  That’s almost like winning, but not so much.

Takahide Seki

Hailing from the Niigata prefecture, this 28-year old is no stranger to the Japanese snowboarding community. Recently he has won two straight victories in the All Japan Intercollegiate Snowboarding Games (intercollegiate and inter-technical school), and 5th place in All Japan championship. Yen-Ni Wu

Takahide Seki was almost as good as 4 people who don’t use noni.  What an accomplishment!

Yen-Ni Wu

A world-renowned Black Belt Taekwondo champion. She has been competing at international, national, and domestic competitions for years and has received countless honors and awards. Her highest honor was winning the World
Championship Gold at the 2002 Asian Taekwondo Competition. Simone Denkinger

Maybe we should rename it “Wu Juice” in her honour!

Simone Denkinger

A successful biathlon athlete from Schönwald. Born in 1979, Simone started cross-country skiing when she was six years old.

Born in 1979? I thought Tahitian Noni was only available since 1996.  Are you saying that she was successfully skiing for at least 11 years without any superfruit?  I suppose her success has nothing to do with the fact that she has been skiing since she was SIX.

Angie Koops

Born in Kaikoura, New Zealand, Angie has enjoyed surfing from a young age, as well as gymnastics and snow boarding.� In 2008, Angie was awarded the title of Open Women�’s New Zealand National Champion and she is�regularly featured in magazines like Curl and Surfing. Anders Olsson

Okay? Does noni increase the likelihood of being in magazines?  Have all the previous OWNZN Champions drank noni as well?

Anders Olsson

Who knows the meaning of dedication, and all of Sweden knows him as a powerful role model for setting goals and overcoming obstacles. In 1996 and 1997, Anders endured a series of unfortunate events in the hospital system that left him paralyzed from the waist down.

At least we can thusly establish that Neil won’t claim that Noni Juice cures paralysis.  I’m assuming this guy is a Paralympian.

Jennifer Guiola

Jennifer Guiola has been involved with martial arts since she was five years old. Now, 22 years later she is one of the top competitors in Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu and submission wrestling, winning titles, world cups, and more all over the world.

Read: There are other top competitors, but this one drinks woo juice.

Christina McMahon

Kickboxing champion Christina McMahon followed her younger brothers and sisters into the sport of kickboxing at the age of 19. She immediately loved the competitive side of the sport and progressed quickly from competing nationally to entering the world games.

The former female World Kickboxing Champion is from my hometown.  She is also not a sponsor or user-to my recollection- of noni products.  Your point?

Evi Sachenbacher

Evi Sachenbacher is the core of Germany’s Olympic medal-winning cross country ski team. She and her teammates recently brought home a silver medal from the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy..

Did the whole team drink Noni?  How about the Gold winning team?

Holly and Mike Semanoff

Champion bodybuilders Holly and Mike Semanoff know the importance of being physically fit. They both believe in being active beyond the gym atmosphere, and prefer to use their physical abilities to enjoy life outside in nature.

So we have established that several people are both fit and use noni.  Not fit because of noni, but fit in spite of it.

Josefine Lillhage

Josefine Lillhage was born in the sign of Pisces and there is simply no other sport than swimming that is more natural to her. In 2004, Josefine became one of the best swimmers in the world as she became a finalist in the Olympic games, the gold medal winner of the World and European Championships.

Impressive.  Do we have studies that prove that it was noni that made the difference? Because there is a fifth place snowboarder somewhere in the world who is wondering why he got screwed.

Brooke Niles

“TAHITIAN NONI™ Juice has helped me make great strides on the AVP tour, and it’s one of the most important aspects of my training.”

Here is someone who actually attributes their success to Woo Juice.  If that is proof that the claims of TNI are 100% true then I guess we should all stop asking if their is proof for God.  Every Wide Receiver in the NFL has proved Jesus and/or God to be 100% true in multiple double-blind testimonials.

Kathy Gregory

Being head coach of the University of California, Santa Barbara, women’s volleyball team-as well as a former professional athlete.  I’ve tried many energy drinks through the years. I find TAHITIAN NONI Juice to be the most beneficial of them all.

“I have tried many energy drinks through the years. I find TN Juice to be the most beneficial of them all.”  Could there be more qualifiers in a two sentence endorsement?

Emily Rosemond

Emily is Australia’s top short track speed skater. She just completed the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, and is currently ranked 13th in the world. After tearing her anterior cruciate ligament in late 2004, her Olympic performance is simply amazing.

She is not currently ranked 13th in the world.  How old are these testimonials anyhow?  Bonus: As of that factoid, there were 12 non-noni skaters ranked higher.

Chris Scott

Paralympic and world champion cyclist owns a host of medals, world records, athletic honors, and has brought home medals from three Paralympic Games (Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000, and Athens 2004).

Again, at least we know noni has no effect on paralysis.

Dru Adler

“I’m proud to say I’m drinking TAHITIAN NONI Juice. I have been taking TNI’s products for a little over a year now, and I can confidently say I’ve experienced the benefits so many people speak of.”

That is by far the most ambiguous testimonial ever.  What benefits would those be?

Conclusion:  A billion dollar industry has some customers who have been moderately successful at their sport.  These are the same type of Athletes who credit, in no particular order- God,  not washing their uniforms, not touching their championship trophy, growing facial hair, lucky socks and other things with their continued success in sports.  I’m unsure what these testimonials prove, other than some people drink Vomit Fruit juice. 

If The Horses Could Whisper Back They Would Say “WTF, Really?  This stuff tastes like shite”

Veterenary Testimonials

Limehouse Veterinary Clinic of Holistic Medicine

When we first started dispensing Noni, I was very selective and used it only in cases of cancer.  A high percentage of the clients reported back their animals were acting very young and playful–more so than in a long time.  In a few cases, some tumors actually regressed–a squamous cell carcinoma of the gingiva of an old Labrador Retriever shrunk by 1/2 its original size; In a dog with multiple lipomes, several have decreased in size and some have even resolved; an undifferentiated mammary tumor on another dog is almost non-palpable within 1 month.I’ve tried it on cats with millary dermatitis and dogs with atopic disease. Even though we have continued our regular therapies along with Noni, these cats have responded more quickly, and are remaining free of skin problems.  Our own Golden Retriever is a classic atopic, sensitive to almost all pollens found in this area of Southern California. Although we did not anticipate using him as a test case, because of our travel and teaching schedule, we were unable to treat him with acupuncture for about 6 weeks.Historically, this would have meant severe dermatitis. Yet, with him receiving Noni twice daily, his allergies are almost non-existent, and his coat looks the best it has since he’s lived in Los Angeles! Several other pet owners have contacted us to report their pruritic animals have improved dramatically with the use of Noni.

John B. Limehouse, DVM, CVA

Holistic Veterinarian?  You learn something new every day.  I suppose Neil has studies that vindicate the opinions of the Doctor in question. No?  Didn’t think so.

Christa Barnhill:

I have used noni juice to help both a dove and a parakeet. The dove had fallen from its nest when it was just a few weeks old. When we found it, a dog had already gotten to it and it was in pretty bad shape.I gave it noni juice and fed it a diet of worms and moss. When it was obvious the bird was healthy and could survive on its own, I let it go. It still stays close to our house.  I also used noni juice on a parakeet which had an injured wing. By the following morning, the injured wing was completely healed! �

Dear Christa, I suppose that this dove healed much quicker than normal? Was it “overnight” or does that just work for parakeets? 

Debra Alexander:

My cat recently broke her leg when she fell out of a tree. Naturally, I took her to the vet for treatment.  A good friend of mine told me about a product called noni juice. She told me she knew someone who had given it to their dog after it was run over by a car.  The dog was badly injured & not expected to survive. The dog’s owner insisted the dog be given noni juice and credited it with saving the dog’s life. Since that time, I have heard many similar stories about noni.  I started mixing an ounce of noni juice with my cat’s milk. Not only did my cat heal much more quickly than expected, she seems to have much more energy than she had before she was injured.  I still give her noni juice every day. Noni juice really works and I encourage everyone to give it a try. �

How much more quickly is much more quickly?  Oh, and thank you for the third person anecdotes, those are even more believable.

Dottie Martin:

We started giving noni juice to our 10 year old dog, Pepsi, several months ago in hopes it would help him with his arthritis. In the past, he had always been very active.  However, over the course of the past year, he seemed to be slowing down considerably. We noticedhe was starting to look very stiff when he would stand up. And, it took him several minutes of what appeared to be painful stretching before he could walk.  Within a few days after I started mixing noni juice with his water, Pepsi went through an amazing transformation. He now hops right up and he has become as playful as a puppy.  Pepsi also has had several fatty tumors during the past two years. While the vet says that they are not necessarily anything to worry about at this time, they are a cause for concern.  The tumors are much smaller since Pepsi started drinking noni juice.  When I forget to give him noni juice for more than a couple of days, I can definitely tell the difference. Pepsi’s body stiffens up again and he loses all of his pep.  yet within a few hours of having his noni juice, he is once again acting half his age.I have recommended noni juice from Tahiti to several of my friends and they all report exciting results. I think its good for every pet.

This person thinks it is good for every pet.  Steak is good for dogs, therefor it is good for your goldfish.  Exciting!

Jack and Bootsie Holian:

Noni juice from Tahiti made us feel so good that we decided to give some to our 12 year old Schnauzer, Stoney. He had been suffering from arthritis in his back for the past year and a half.  As a result, he was no longer able to jump up onto the couch or the bed. We started out putting a quarter ounce of noni juice on Stoney’s food. Now we mix a quarter ounce of noni juice with milk and give Stoney this “noni cocktail” each day. Within 10 days after we started giving Stoney noni, he was able to hop up onto the couch and bed. � Noni has also eliminated Stoney’s constipation problems.  He acts younger and has the gate of a playful puppy.  An example of how much noni has helped Stoney came to light recently, when he was without it for four days.  He was dragging around the house and we realized he had not gotten his noni. Within one day of getting back on the juice he was back to being Stoney The Noni Dog! �

Wait a second…the last girl said that it was within hours and you say it is within one day.  We really ought to find out why the discrepancy.

Sharon and Jack Wells:

Noni juice has really done wonders for our dog, Jelly Bean. She has suffered for years from an irritating rash covering her stomach and feet. �Now Noni juice is controlling this rash completely. We give her a teaspoon of noni juice for breakfast. We also apply noni topically and mix a tablespoon with her bath. Jelly Bean loves the noni juice! �

Jelly Bean also licks other dogs testicles and probably has eaten her own vomit and feces.  I’m quite impressed that she finds it so palatable.

Caroline Boddi:

Im an Alternative Health Care Practitioner in New York. My 7 year old cat, Patches, developed diabetes as the result of a medication which he was given several years ago. And he was on insulin for a period of time.  More recently, I had been treating him with natural products rather than with insulin. I began adding one teaspoon of noni juice to his breakfast food every morning.  Within one week, I noticed the difference in him. I saw Patches has been grooming himself much more frequently since I began adding noni juice to his food. I feel that this is a sign that his pancreas is functioning more normally. Diabetes causes a cat’s mouth to become dry making them less inclined to groom them- selves. Noni juice has been very good for Patches! �

Alternative Health Care Practitioner Sees Results From Harmless Treatment- Quick! Stop the presses, gentlemen, we have our lead story!

Larissa Martindale:

Several months ago one of my cats, Puff, became seriously ill. Puff is seven years old and has enjoyed a realtively healthy life.  However, I awoke one morning to find him very ill. He had been acting funny for a couple of days. I took him to the vet and he said Puff had possibly eaten something which had made him ill. The results of his liver and kidney enzyme tests were way off. He was lethargic and very dehydrated. The vet gave Puff some fluids and I took him home. My parents gave me a bottle of noni juice and I started giving Puff two tablespoons a day. Within a few days Puff was feeling much better.  I took him back to the vet for a check up a couple of weeks later and he was given a clean bill of health. I still give Puff a tablespoon of noni juice every day.

Cat gets food poisoning and feels better several days later- Did I say stop the presses yet?

Fred and Bobbie Wolger:

We breed Quarter Horses and Paints in California.  One day we received a call a valuable mare had been critically injured in an accident in Oregon. Her pectoral and shoulder muscles had literally been torn away. The local veterinarian put her chances of survival at less than 2 percent and told us we should put her down immediately.  I (Fred) have been researching alternative health care and healing methods to deal with my own medical problems (primarily arthritis) for almost 30 years. During the course of this research, I had recently read about noni.  When we received the call regarding the injured mare, I refused to have her put down. She comes from championship stock and, even though she was injured too badly to be shown, her potential value for breeding was very high.  I gave instructions noni be put directly on the wounds, as well as down her throat. A few days after her accident, I drove to Oregon and found while she was in bad shape, she was  still alive.  I gave the horse several ounces of noni juice to sedate her. Nothing else I had been given to use for this had worked. I then proeeded to cut away at least 5 pounds of rotting flesh, nerves, and muscle from her injured shoulder.  The following week, I put her in a trailer and took her back to California to continue her recovery. Within 3 months she was running like an antelope! All of the hair has grown back over the injured area. Six weeks ago, I turned her loose to roam on open range.  I also used noni juice on a yearling which had been badly injured when pushed through a fence by a mare. His flesh and muscle on the inside of his leg was cut to the bone from the top of the leg almost down to the hoof.  I cut off the end of a turkey baster and gave this yearling 8 ounces of noni juice orally. I applied it topically as well. In treating this horse, I had to cut through veins and cauterize them with a heated iron to stop the bleeding.  This horse never flinched throughout this entire process. I wrapped the leg and continued to give the horse 8 ounces of noni juice orally each day. Two months later, the leg was healed and I was able to turn him out to pasture.  We also gave noni juice to one of our cats who had been injured when she was stepped on by a horse. She had been dragging her injured leg for six months. After only a month on noni juice, she could walk normally.  Noni juice has helped our nine year old German Shepherd as well. Before drinking the juice, his advancing age made it very difficult for him to get around. After a couple of months on noni juice, he plays with our young pup until the pup is absolutely exhausted and gives up!  We believe without any doubt Noni juice is a truly amazing gift from paradise and encourage everyone to try it!

Apart from having several klutzy animals, does anyone else here seem bothered by the fact that Noni is an effective horse sedative?  Or that this person seems to think that Noni is a miracle substance but refuses to give it to his puppy?

Conclusion: Several people have given Noni to their pets and seen varying degrees of success.  Noni is definitely good for you and safe for human consumption since it is an effective horse sedative.


Doctor’s Orders- “Drink the swill”

Dr. Scott Gerson

Is one of the world’s leading authorities on complementary medical treatments and their integration into modern medicine.
His specialty is Ayurvedic medicine.

“As a Ayurvedic physician, I rely on the forces of nature. TAHITIAN NONI Juice represents the gathering point of these forces in the form of a fruit.

My years of experiences with TAHITIAN NONI Juice confirm its effectiveness in supporting the maintenance of physiology in people who use it regularly.

TAHITIAN NONI Juice is emerging in scientific analysis to be the richest source of nutrients of any other variety of noni product on the market. TAHITIAN NONI Juice has proven to be more beneficial than any other noni product in the marketplace.”

(Dr. Gerson has done double blind studies on Noni Juice. I am pretty sure he is the man who found they have been using Noni Juice, under a different name, in India for OVER 5,000 years!!

He also has a audio tape which iss very informative on Noni Juice. While it has a lot of technical stuff, and thus I found it a little boring. I am sure that medical professionals would not.)

Where are all these double blind studies??? “complimentary medical practitioner”=Not a Doctor, or, Doctor who specializes in not being a Doctor.

Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

As a family physician who specializes in nutritional medicine, I have found certain natural products to be helpful for various conditions, especially in combination with aggressive dietary change and optimal nutrition.   I started using Tahitian Noni juice with my patients. Never have I seen a product so effective for so many different conditions.  To my amazement, Noni Juice offered relief in the majority of cases for many different conditions.
Almost every patient reported pain relief from musculoskeletal symptoms. It has worked remarkably well for degenerative joint disease, auto immune illness like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and even garden-varity back pain.  My father has chronic lymphocytic leukemia with a steadily worsening anemia and a climb- ing white blood cell count. After just two weeks on Noni Juice, his anemia improved and his white count dropped from 115 to 76.
My father had had suffered very severe ankle injuries during World War II. � After only five days of being on Noni, he could dance pain-free after being in pain for years.   Other physicians, including Steven Hall M.D., corroborated my findings with his patients.. Dr. Hall wrote me, “Ten years of chronic back pain gone within three weeks of starting this juice. Twenty-three years of menstrual headaches gone after taking Tahitian Noni.
A forty-year old female who suffered a stroke after spinal disc surgery, resolved her lid lag, vision, and limb pain within three weeks of starting Noni Juice.”  I urge all health professionals to try Tahitian Noni Juice on themselves and their patients. I’m convinced it could make a significant difference in most people’s health.

Impressive, and I suppose you published these case studies in a peer-reviewed journal? No?  Why not?

Dr. Mona Harrison, MD; Yelm, WA
(She was the Asst. Dean of Medicine at Boston Univ. and Chief Medical officer at D.C. General Hospital. She is now in private practice.)

“I have noticed there a positive response to TAHITIAN NONI� juice in the body. This is a wonderful discovery for millions of people throughout the world.

I believe TAHITIAN NONI� juice to be the most exciting product of our time.”

(Dr. Mona Harrison can be heard on an audio tape explainig how Noni Juice can have such a extreamly positive effect on so many meldical problems.)

Dr. Mona could not have given a more ambiguously worded testimonial if she tried.  I guess when you have a reputation….

Dr. Jim Marcoux, Chiropractor, Kinesiologist, and Nutritionist; Livonia, IN

“As a chiropractor, kinesiologist and nutritionist, I have introduced several hundred people to TAHITIAN NONI� juice with nothing short of spectacular results!

TAHITIAN NONI� juice works wonderfully with the body.”

“Dr.” Jim is a Chiropractor.  That is to medicine what the mall security guard is to serious law enforcement.

Dr. Wayne Cole, DO, Osteopathic Physician, Family Practice; Providence, PA

“TAHITIAN NONI� juice just makes me,
as well as many of my patients, feel better. I never miss a day taking it.
Once again, a real Doctor.  Once again, no real claim being made.  “I acknowledge a product’s  existence and know it to be ‘good'” is not a real testimonial.
“Dr. Jake Savage, PhD Microbiology; Huntsville, AL.

“I love TAHITIAN NONI� juice. It is an absolutely phenomenal product and I take pride in recommending it to everyone.”

Scientist.  Real Scientist. Note no claim made. ” I love Creme Brulee.  It  is a phenomenal product and I’m proud to recommend it to everyone.”  Nuff said.

Dr. Bryant A. Bloss, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon; Evansville, IN

“I am an orthopedic surgeon and after my personal success with TAHITIAN NONI� juice, I decided to try it with my family and patients. We all agree that TAHITIAN NONI� juice has made a real positive difference in our lives.”

Real Doctor.  Meaningless endorsement that makes no claims.  I see a pattern emerging……

Dr. Gary Tran, Veterinarian; Louisville, KY
“TAHITIAN NONI� juice has been very successful with my family, but I most grateful to Morinda for my four-legged patients. TAHITIAN NONI� juice has made my job easier.  In my thirty-five years of practice I have never seen anything a great as TAHITIAN NONI� juice.”

Real Veterinarian.  No real claims made.  It appears that Real Doctors™ all have something in common: they won’t say anything falsifiable nor testable about Woo Juice.

Dr. Samuel Kolodney, Chiropractor; New Hope, PA

“Once I recognized the wide variety of beneficial effects TAHITIAN NON� juice is capable of conferring, I felt compelled to share this product with my patients.

I know that TAHITIAN NONI� juice has helped all of my patients who have tried it and it can help anyone who is looking to benefit overall. I have directly or indirectly changed the lives of over 2,000 people by introducing them, or someone they know, to TAHITIAN NONI� juice.

My personal results have been nothing short of miraculous. Try it – You’ll love it.”

“Dr.” -but still makes no claims…..NEXT

Dr. Joyce Boffert, Chiropractor; New York, NY

“Being a natural health practitioner, I have recommended TAHITIAN NONI� juice to many of my patients and I have seen remarkable results. I use it and I will continue to inform people that good health and well-being can be maintained naturally.”
Not a real doctor, and even she won’t sacrifice what little reputation a natural health practitioner/chiropractor could reasonably have.

Dr. Loren Marks, Clinical Nutritionist; New York, NY

“I have seen TAHITIAN NONI � juice help my patients and family. The product is extremely supportive and beneficia. I encourage everyone to drink it.”

“I have seen girl guide cookies help my pateients and family. The product is extremely supportive and beneficial.  I encourage everyone to eat them”

Dr. Donald Murdock, Chiropractor; Chicago, IL

“This is a great product. If I could only have one product to use and recommend, it would be TAHITIAN NONI � juice because of its wide variety of uses.”
At least this guy doesn’t think that Chiropractic services are the best product to recommend.  You know, cuz it’s not healthy.
Dr. Betty J. Carter, MD; Lutz, FL

“This is an exceptional product. I have found it has helped many of my patients. I would recommend it to anyone.”

doctor? Check. Substantive claim? nope.

Dr. Roger Soard, Chiropractor; Winchester Bay, OR

“TAHITIAN NONI � juice is a must for anyone concerned about their well-being. I have taken TAHITIAN NONI � juice three to four times a day for nearly a year now.

I’ve noticed so many benefits, and I feel great. Being concerned about my health, and given one supplement of any kind to keep, I’d keep TAHITIAN NONI� juice, even if it meant moving to Tahiti!”

Not a real Doctor,not real claims.  Some Chiropractors are honest.

Dr. Steven Hall, MD, Family Practitioner; Seattle, WA

“In all of my years of experience, I have never seen one product so beneficial in so many situations.

I recommend TAHITIAN NONI � juice to my patients and anyone interested in helping to maintain good health, I love it!”

This is getting old. Say it with me now: Real Doctor, no real claims.

Dr. Clifford Blumberg, Dentist; Queens, NY

“When my wife first presented this TAHITIAN NONI � juice to me, I thought it was another snake oil.

After six weeks, I realized there is enormous merit to it and began taking TAHITIAN NONI� juice myself.

I noticed my wife experienced great benefits so I started recommending and using TAHITIAN NONI� juice in my own practice with absolutely marvelous results.”

Dentists are doctors.  They also won’t make actual claims.

Dr. Gordon Hunte, Herbalist and Chiropractor; Calgary, AB,Canada

“TAHITIAN NONI � juice has helped me immensely. I’ve seen it help other individuals as well.

I feel TAHITIAN NONI � juice is a remarkable product and can help many people.”

What is the best way to have less respect than normal for a Chiropractor?  Put the title Herbalist in front of Chiropractor.  Even he will say it “helps”-that is the claim-it helps.  So do nice Mormon boys when you have an armload of groceries.

Dr. Donald Mantell, MD, Family Practice; Cranberry, PA

“The TAHITIAN NONI � juice products have radically changed my medical practice. I enjoy going to work just to use them with my patients.”


Dr. Barbara Flot, MD; Los Angeles, CA

“Many of my patients feel they have been able to do things they never would have been able to do thanks to TAHITIAN NONI � juice. It really seems to benefit all who take it.”


Dr. Frederick Pryce, PhD Clinical Biochemistry; Orleans, ON, CAN

“I have seen TAHITIAN NONI� juice benefit my patients. I also use this product personally, as well as give it to my loved ones.


“Dr. Robert Young, Chiropractor; Chicago, IL

“TAHITIAN NONI � juice is a very exciting product. I use it faithfully and recommend it to all enthusiastically!”


Dr. Maria Odegbaro, MD, General Practitioner; Brooklyn, NY

“In my experiences with natural products, TAHITIAN NONI � juice tops them all. My patients are experiencing excellent results.”

Read: Natural products are bloody useless, and this stuff seems marginally less useless!

Dr. Ken Stejskal, Homeopathic Practitioner; Hutchinson, KS

“I am a complete fan of TAHITIAN NONI� juice. The benefits it affords are fantastic and I recommend it to all of my patients.”

(Dr. Stejskal has cured may people cancer by using Noni Juice.)

Not a doctor.  He won’t make claims in person (but someone relaying a third party anecdote in brackets will)

Dr. William Pomfret, PhD Occupational Health; Carp, ON, CAN

“TAHITIAN NONI � juice is fantastic!

I have found absolutely remarkable results. It has had a phenomenal effect on many of my clients.

One of the best results was on an 82 year-old woman. She has experienced a tremendous improvement thanks to TAHITIAN NONI� juice.”

No claim.  Improvement of what?

Dr. Matthews, Dentist; Chicago, IL

“Your health is your wealth, so keep drinking your TAHITIAN NONI � juice. I use TAHITIAN NONI� juice to keep me at my best throughout the day.”

Nice epigram- still no claim…..

Tom Stone, ND, CNHP, MH; Kentwood, MI

“In my work as an iridologist and a kinesiologist, I have many occasions to recommend TAHITIAN NONI � juice to my clients. I am pleased with the experiences I have had using TAHITIAN NONI� juice with my clients and my family.

We have had so many positive results that have reinforced our confidence in the product.”
Read:I have not been sued yet! Thanks TNI!

Dr. William E. Doell, MD; San Clemente, CA

“Twenty-five years of nutritional medicine experience never prepared me for the wonders of TAHITIAN NONI � juice. This is the most remarkable product I have ever seen.”

….and I’m Blind!!!  No claim.

Dr. Jack Souder, Chiropractor; Angola, IN
“We have used a considerable amount of TAHITIAN NONI� juice with our friends and patients. Many have had very good results, some have had spectacular results.

The unique thing about TAHITIAN NONI� juice is that there is no worthy competitor nor comparable product anywhere.”

Finally someone makes a claim- and it has nothing to do with medicine!

Dr. Don Metz, MD, Family Practice; Plymouth, MN

“I use TAHITIAN NONI� juice to help my patients. The benefits I’ve witnessed are phenomenal and I recommend it to everyone.”


Dr. Nelson P. Rivers, Pharmacist; Evansville, IN

“Thousands of lives are being touched in a positive way, every day by TAHITIAN NONI � juice. This is the greatest natural product I have ever come across and perhaps, the biggest health breakthrough in decades.

I believe it will continue to help many, many people now and in the future.”
TAHITIAN NONI is like the Catholic Priest of health drinks- but in a good way….

Dr. Paula Davey, Doctor of Internal and Environmental Medicine; Ann Arbor, MI

“TAHITIAN NONI� juice works better than other products I’ve tried. Some of my patients definitely feel better after using it.”


Dr. Anne Hirazumi Kim, Phd.

Dr. Anne Hirazumi Kim, who wrote her Ph.D. thesis on anti-tumor qualities of noni, now consults to further its research of the Morinda citrifolia plant, looking for new ways in which noni can be beneficial.

“Tahitian Noni Juice is the finest product available. It has wonderful effects on the immune system without any toxicity and is compounded by the nutritional values of additional natural ingredients.

I’m proud to be working with the company because we both share the same goals and desires of improving the health of many through the precious noni plant.

ALL TAHITIAN NONI Products are manufactured with the utmost care and quality assurance.”

Here is a scientist who has dedicated years of research into a single product.  Spot where she says that noni benefits cholesterol? neither did I. Cancer? Neither did I.  Heals burns? Anti-aging? Anything?  Nope.  “It is good for you” and “It is scientifically proven not to kill you!” are the two claims made.


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5 Responses to “Woo Juice: Neil’s Tired List Of Testimonials (With Commentary)”

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[…] of my time investigating Neil’s information.  I’ll leave that to George W. over at Misplaced Grace, who is already on the case and has devoted considerable time to his research, promising us a […]

Tahitian Noni – Testimonials and Scientific Studies
Morinda, Inc. or any other commercial company and its distributors do not make any medical
claims and is not associated with the contents of this document in anyway.
This document is a compilation of information gathered on the internet and provided here
for your education only. It is in no way meant to be taken as medical advice or be used
as a substitution for any medical treatment.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as well as the Department of Agriculture
maintain a list of plants that have no known harmful ingredients and which over
the test of time with large numbers of people have proven themselves to be safe
for human consumption by the general population. This is known as the GRAS list,
and it stands for Generally Recognized As Safe.
Based on the fact that after careful scientific analysis no harmful
ingredients were found, and the Hawaiian and Polynesian people have been
using this health building herb without harm for thousands of years,


THE misinformed author HAS NOt properly defended his position, NOt endeavoured to research my claims, NOt been faiR to my position AND NOt been very friendly!
(This comment has been filtered through George W.’s Rainbows and Ponies filter)

Wow. Generally regarded as safe.
Is that the new tagline for your product, Neil?
Drink Tahitian Noni: Scientists generally regard it as safe.

YOU CAN TELL HOW potentially unable to understand my reasoned arguments GEORGE W. IS BY LOOKING AT HIS PICTURE!
(This comment was filtered through George’s Rainbows and Ponies filter)

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