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Do you have a question that you’ve always wanted to ask me, but you’ve been waiting for a philosophy professor to interview me on Freethought Blogs to get the answer? Thursday is your lucky day, my friend!

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I have 32 followers on this blog.  Some of you are very close friends, some of you I have never even heard a peep out of.  I’m sure some of you must be asking: Who is this guy whose blog I read every three weeks or so when he gets off his ass and writes a post?  Some of you probably know little to nothing about me, save that I wrote a post one time that was good enough to make you subscribe to this blog.

Perhaps you have a question that you have been itching to ask me. 

 Perhaps you would like to read more about my views on certain issues.  Perhaps you have always wanted a  Professor of Philosophy or one of those famous Freethought Blog (FtB) bloggers to put my feet to the fire on your behalf.  And by “perhaps” I mean “of course you have!”

So if you wanted a Professor of Philosophy OR a FtB blogger to ask me the tough questions- you are about to think you have died and gone to Heaven It turns out that Dan Finke, Adjunct Assistant Professor of philosophy at Hofstra University and Hunter College, as well as the author of Camels With Hammers (my longest blog haunt)- is going to be interviewing me as part of his blogathon to support the Secular Student Alliance.


Dan is one of the few people whom I have met on the internet who has, on my end at least, graduated from being merely an online acquaintance to being someone I trust and consider my friend.

  I owe Dan a debt of gratitude that I can never repay- both for being a major impetus in my decision to become a blogger rather than just a snarky commenter and for formally introducing me to (and making me love) the discipline of philosophy.  If you like reading this blog, you owe Dan (and Jason Thibeault) a big “thank you”.  If you don’t like this blog, then by all means blame him.

 It’s totally his fault.

The interview will be in a very conversational format.  Dan will be starting off the conversation, and he and I will, I think, let it flow from there.  Dan will be reading this post, I’m sure, so if you have questions you want him to pose or things you would like touched on during our three-hour discussion, feel free to add them to the comment section of this post.  Heck, I’ll answer them after the interview if we don’t touch on them. 

I’m excited to be part of the SSA blogathon.  I’m excited that I’m not going to have to write a post every half hour for 24 hours in order to participate.  As many of you know, my idea of a blogathon is writing more than one post in a single week, and maybe- just maybe- Dan might ask me why I blog with such infrequency.  That sounds like a good question to me.

I hope that many of you take the time to read the interview.  I hope it helps lead to more discussions on this blog.  I hope that we are able to help raise a sizeable sum for the Secular Student Alliance.  Most of all though, I hope that some of you will be introduced to- and become regular readers of- Camels With Hammers.  It is a blog deserving of your attention.

† Well actually, that’s a bad metaphor.  If you died and went to Heaven, several of you would be staring down the realization that your entire worldview is an embarrassing mistake.  That wouldn’t be very exciting, now would it?  On the flipside though, you ARE in Heaven, so I guess the mistake wasn’t too costly.  Just sort of awkward when you have to hang out with the Big J Man, I guess.  Anyway- excited!- you’ll be super excited!!

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