JC Penney: More Than Just Ignoring “One Million Moms”

Posted on June 6, 2012. Filed under: Children, Parenting, Personal, Politics, Religion, Social Justice |

A few months back One Million Moms, a group whose members number in the thousands, launched a campaign to boycott retail giant JC Penney if the company refused to dump spokesperson and openly gay celebrity (also, one of my favorite people) Ellen DeGeneres.  This came just a few months after a group had succeeded in pressuring Lowes Home Improvement Centers to end their sponsorship of the show All American Muslim.

The difference this time is that JC Penney didn’t dump Ellen as their spokesperson.  No, this time, they did something epic.  Instead of crack under pressure, JC Penney decided to make a concerted effort to do the opposite.

Check out their Father’s Day ad ………

Ad Copy reads: first pals- What makes Dad so cool? He’s the swim coach, tent maker, best friend, bike fixer and hug giver — all rolled into one. Or two. Real-life dads, Todd Koch and Cooper Smith with their children Claire and Mason.

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6 Responses to “JC Penney: More Than Just Ignoring “One Million Moms””

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This ad would not be considered particularly out of place in Western Europe or Australia. It’s good to see that some good ‘ole US capitalism has the moral standing to face up to fascist thugs…

I love Ellen DeGeneres..but i dont understand what did the one million moms have against her….i didnt follow this news so asking…is it about her being Gay..
I hope not cos one million moms doing something this stupid is too horryfying

It is completely about her being gay. The group “One million Moms” does not have one million members, it is just the name of their group. They are a right wing Christian group that opposes “trash in today’s media” (A direct quote from their website) It’s more than the media, they call for boycotts of any company that support in any way LGBT groups, rights for homosexuals, as well as abortion, and anything pro-democrat. They encourage their members to email companies that do not support their “traditional family values”. I am a strong Christian woman, a democrat & I oppose nearly everything this group stands for. Or perhaps I should say I support nearly everything this group stands against.

I would add xenophobia to the list of things OMM stands for.

“Traditional Family Values” is a code word for keeping people ignorant and insular. I’m not religious, but I can tell you that their attitudes are the very worst of the human condition draped in the silk of piety. I think that you could find that attitude in the Word- but not in the Spirit- of the Bible….

One Million Moms did, in fact, initiate the boycott because Ellen is gay. To me though (and I caution this is only my opinion) it boils down to what Ellen really represents. I think Ellen is, for the bigots out there, the most dangerous kind of gay. She is unbelievably likeable. She is a huge supporter of charity. She seems genuinely happy. She dances on impulse. She doesn’t make a major issue out of her homosexuality. She seems-well- just so much better than “normal”.
Lesbians- how bigots want them to be seen- wear sleeveless plaid shirts, baggy jeans with rolled cuffs over DocMartin 12 holes, their facial peircings barely hidden behind a reverse mullet haircut. They yell and scream. They are radical “feminazis”. They are always angry.

Gays are supposed to be angry, miserable, anti-social, sex-crazed perverts. They aren’t supposed to be people who light up a room with their presence. Bigotry is defined by ignorance- and exposure to reality is the best weapon we have. The culture war is a battle over the narrative.

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