The REAL Threats to Marriage- Hint: None Of Them Rhyme With “Hobo Sect Duality”

Posted on March 29, 2012. Filed under: Personal, Politics, Social Justice |

Happy birthday to my good friend Derek AKA Skwrl Forgie, who isn’t just happy being one year wiser- he needs to go flaunting it in video form.

Show off.

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11 Responses to “The REAL Threats to Marriage- Hint: None Of Them Rhyme With “Hobo Sect Duality””

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Why is it that marriage has been a religious institution for like ten thousand years?

And all of a sudden, angry homophobes are attacking the sanctity of marriage?

I don’t get it. What did I miss over the last 30 years? Did the Invasion of the Body Snatchers really happen? Did Hollywood really make a movie that portrayed real life?

OK, according to census data, over two thirds of FIRST TIME marriages make it.

Not 50%.

Marriage has been under vicious attack for 40 years. And it is doing much better than the social engineers said it would.

But, as big of a failure as their last 40 years of social engineering has been, why should we attempt another crazy social EXPERIMENT?

After 10 thousand years of marriages being religious events, don’t you think we should experiment on new expressions a little slower?


So, Wayne, based on your reasoning, I suppose you wish to endorse slavery and the subjugation of women as well – for the sake of religious tradition?

It’s been long overdue that we discard the archaic views of those crushed by religious dogma.

Two questions for you:
What “social engineers” are you speaking of?
How exactly does anyone else’s union affect yours?

Yes, Islam was tightly integrated with slavery (still is). But, most other religions were not.

Actually your misusing your logic, union or marriage? I still have religious and statistical problems with gay unions, but that is a completely different argument than attacking marriage.

But, the angry social engineers want to victimize our children, and do not care about the consequences.


I was actually referring to Christianity.

Who’s attacking marriage? The whole point of the video is for marriage to be more inclusive.

Do you mind actually answering the questions this time?

– Who are the “social engineers”?
– How does a gay marriage affect your marriage?

How are these “social engineers” victimizing children, Wayne?
Also, what is wrong with being a “social engineer”? Shouldn’t we want to mold and build community and society?

Would you rather “anti-social engineers”?


OK, according to census data, over two thirds of FIRST TIME marriages make it.

Not 50%.

Is your claim then that only FIRST TIME marriages are “real” marriages? I’m confused, what is your point?

How has marriage “been under attack”, Wayne? Who is attacking marriage? What does that even mean?

At least you admit the earth is more than 7000 years old, so we might make some progress yet….

Actually, marriages were not commonly conducted as religious seremonies in Europe before the 16th century, when the Catholic church decided that no marriage is valid unless it has been sanctified by the church. Before that most marriages were just “common law” marriages. Everybody within a society knew who was married to whom and the main ritual was a feast after wich the attendace would ensure that the groom and the bride would go to bed together.

I have sometimes wondered, how the medieval people saw the position of Joseph husband of Mary, who was supposed to be married to a wife who was still a virgin. Kind of degrading for him.

I suppose marriage as a religious ritual is an old tradition, but even in the time of the antiquity most people who would get a religious ritual were only the very peak of the society. It was mostly because high born families were making alliances through marriage and gods were invited as witnesses to these unions.

What would be the consequenses to children, if gay marriages would be allowed? I can see none particularly bad ones. On the contrary, there would be much more families, which could make adoptions. There are a lot of orphans in the world.

There should be a love button for this. And Rautakky, beautifully said. 🙂

Novia Olam, thank you very much.

I think the video is absolutely magnificent.

Here is an interresting article about a new study:

The results are hardly surprizing, but it may shed some light on where does the idea, that other than one man one woman kind of sexuality is a threat to marriage derive from. It is easy to say it comes from religion, but religions only seem to serve as excuses for violence or particular kind of bias, wich is often first motivated by some other social phenomenon. After all, even the most fundamentalist adherents of any religion are merely cherry picking morals they can relate to from their respective religions. And in the end, if this study holds true, the cultural cycle forms a vicious circle.

In short, the study linked up there, says homofobia is often a result of repressed homosexual feelings, that the phobic turns against others, because he/she is unable to accept them in him/herself.

Lol, props for the title. Great video too.

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