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Derek and his wife, Tessie.

I’d like you to meet Derek Forgie.  I’ve known Derek for almost twenty years- we were both involved in the arts community here in North Bay for many years before Derek moved down to Toronto in search of fame and fortune.  Well, mostly fame.

Derek is the most motivated guy I know.  When he wants to do something, he just does it.  When he moved to Toronto he started HSSE, Heterosexuals for Same Sex Equality, a group whose mission statement is to advocate for LGBT issues from a heterosexual angle- and to get the message out that human rights are everyone’s rights.

HSSE has already organized a successful campaign called “Straight Not Narrow”- selling T-shirts and organizing community involvement including participation in the Pride Parade in Toronto.  The T-shirt is awesome and sends a clear and catchy message while raising money for a great cause.  I’m not here to sell you a T-shirt though, don’t worry.

The new HSSE project is centered around an ad campaign that shows real couples holding a sign that reads “Gay marriage doesn’t threaten our marriage”.   Derek asked me if I could help by getting a picture of me and Misty holding a sign that carried the message- and I said I could do better than that.

I’m hoping that I can get as many of the married (or engaged) readers to get Derek a photo of them holding up this sign.  I’m also trying to pull some strings at some of the other blogs I frequent.  The sign could be hand written, or printed off using a computer- and it doesn’t have to be to same font as the one you see above.  If you like, you could add the facebook address that is written on the sign as well.  Each photo should be uploaded to but if you love humans but hate social networks, feel free to e-mail the picture to me and I will forward it to Derek.  My e-mail is my first name and last name (waye) all one word , ampersat, consultant, period, com.  The idea is to collect as many as possible before Valentines Day.

As part of the campaign, for the month of February, the wonderfully talented staff at “Who Do You Love? Photography” in Toronto are very generously offering FREE professional couples portraits like the one above. If you’d like to book your session (or if you have any questions) email:

So to make this easy for all of you:
  1. Make a sign that says “Gay marriage doesn’t threaten our marriage” feel free to add “”
  2. Take a picture of you and your husband/wife (and kids?) holding the sign.
  3. Go to and upload the photo to their wall.  Alternately, you can e-mail the picture to me (my first and last name,ampersat,consultant, period, com)  If you put “George sent me” and I get twenty photos……
  4. I will raffle off the free “Straight Not Narrow” T-shirts to the people who participate-your name will be entered so long as your picture is posted by Noon on February 14th.

So get to it.  Be a part of something meaningful.

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8 Responses to “Be Part Of Something Meaningful”

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This is great idea to spread sanity over all the controversy.

I’m not married, but what a fun idea. I’ve added a blog post about this and thrown links onto my facebook page, too. I’ve got lots of friends who’ll love this.

[…] Check out the Toronto-based Heterosexuals for Same-Sex Equality (HSSE) and its new “Gay marriage doesn’t threaten our marriage” project. Share […]

It makes marriage meaningless. A straight man can marry another straight man.
So marriage would mean what?

Derek and Tessie believe that you can marry to lamps together and get light.
No wonder they can’t see!


That is, quite possibly, the worst defense of traditional marriage I have ever read. It oozes ignorance. It is so wrong that I don’t even know where to start.
Marriage means the legal union of two consenting adults. I would hope that this would include loving one another, though the wedding register in Las Vegas testifies that this is not so.

Saying that two people cannot marry because you find their union offensive is like saying that I can’t eat a donut because you are on a diet.


That is, quite possibly, the worst defense of homosexual marriage I have ever read. It oozes ignorance. It is so wrong that I don’t even know where to start.
Marriage means the legal union between a man and a woman.

Saying that two men can marry (have sexual union) because you find their union is natural, is like saying that you can plug to lamps together and get light.

Yes, Lamont. The appropriate response is always “I know you are, but what am I?” My five year old daughter would be proud.

Listen, the lamp analogy is completely ridiculous. Are you saying that homosexuals are incapable of loving each other because of a plumbing problem? Or are you saying that marriage should always be exclusively the right of fertile couples? Because I have news for you: Not all marriages are validated by their ability to naturally procreate. Post-menopausal women are entitled to marry. Infertile men and women are entitled to marry. People who consciously decide not to have children legally marry. Hell, people who don’t plan on having intercourse can legally marry. Yet your sticking point seems to be a plumbing issue?
Wait a sec! I get it now! You think that lamps have no purpose except to be plugged into wall sockets. So you think that unmarried people are entirely worthless!
Thanks for “shedding light” on the matter……

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