Getting back in the saddle….

Posted on November 10, 2011. Filed under: Personal, Random |

I’m back.  Sort of.

I took a few months off from blogging partially because  I took a new job that limited my time to write proper posts (I spend several hours crafting an average post- this fact likely surprises several of you who feel I talk out my ass most of the time), and partially because blogging started to feel like actual work.  I spent two weeks combing through multi-level marketing resources and woo-filled new age nutritional sites trying to hobble together a well crafted response to Neil’s ridiculous noni juice claims.  I still haven’t published those posts yet, but I will publish one this week.  I do this to myself at least once a year, where I take on a subject that bores me to submission.  (See last years astrology debacle)

So anyhow, this post is just to announce that:

  1. I’m still here, and now employed at a job that pays me twice as much as before.  I expect that now that I’m officially upper-middle class by income standards- I’ll immediately become a conservative or libertarian obsessed with hoarding my hard earned money.  Fairness was all fine and dandy, but the world looks different on the other side of the counter at the Soup Kitchen folks- so don’t come crying for a full bowl cuz I’ll beat you with the ladle.
  2. I should be able to post at least twice a week.  This will be, for some, a stark improvement over my previous few months of a post whenever the fuck I felt like it.  For others, this will be not often enough- and to you I say “live with it”.  To still others, this will be of no consequence at all- either because they don’t read my blog or they just click on a post and assume without reading it what I was going to say.
  3. For those who know me, my wife is doing great and our new daughter is due to arrive some time in December. Her name will be Geneva Belle, and we are planning to use a midwife for the first time because you don’t have any continuity between the OB you visit and the one who delivers the baby in the city we live in. Plus the OB we have is a douche. A midwife will be a big improvement for me over driving 2 hours to a small town hospital so that the doctor my wife likes can birth our child. Seriously.  We did that 3 times already.

So welcome back.  Thanks for your patience.  I’ll try not to disappoint.


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10 Responses to “Getting back in the saddle….”

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Glad to know you’re doing okay – I’ve started a 4th blog – Random Ntrygg is my main one, but I have three specialty blogs that I irregularly update.

the new one is The Shut-In Stand Up – a comedy blog from the perspective of being a shut-in.

also, I think you’re right – it’s a lot easier to say people should share when you don’t have anything to put in the collective pot.

Wonderful news about the coming baby, George! Congratulations!!!

Thank You Dan!
Congratulations on your move to Freethought blogs! I’m glad to have you posting more frequently. Rest assured that I’m reading- even if I comment more sporadically.
I hope you stay tuned, I have a couple posts coming soon that I really want your feedback on.

Glad you saddled back up, George.

Can’t wait to see a pic or two of Geneva Belle when she arrives.

I would like to be the equivalent of her godfather … if I only lived closer.

I would have chosen you to be the Godfarther had you been available, in a heartbeat.
All kidding aside, we do still have godparents for all our kids.
I consider it more like an honour we give to friends who support our family than the traditional spiritual role, and every godparent we have chosen has been agnostic if not atheist.
You will be getting pictures ahead of everyone else, Jer- no worries.


I know how you feel. I just took on a new job myself. But I never spend more than 20 minutes on a post because I don’t have the patience! Besides, they all end up being poorly written anyway, so I figure why bother?

1). I was a big liberal for most of my life, but after I had children and my wife started dragging me to church, I became a conservative. My pro-life beliefs, which I held even as a liberal the first time, made it easier to take up every conservative cause. But in the end, I realized it just didn’t fit my heart, so I’m back to being a pro-life liberal and I’m quite comfortable in that position.

2). I work two or three 12 hour shifts in a row, then get two or three days off, so time for posting isn’t necessarily limited; I just don’t have the time to write one each day. But even before I took on my new job, I was sporadic. Sometimes I’d write one, two, three a day, while other times I’d write one a week, if that. But I like to keep in touch with my WordPress friends so I’ve started keeping it somewhat current.

3). Again, congratulations!!! Fortunately for us, though, we live in a big city (relative) and have for each child, so we never had to drive all that far. That must be dreadful.

I love this response for all the wrong reasons.

I’m not sure what you mean, but thanks!

I’m so glad you stopped by.
I hope you stick around, because I have an abortion post coming down the pipe that lays out my case for why I am adamantly pro-life but still ultimately pro-choice as well. I hate those labels, and the baggage that comes along with them- and I’m convinced that the divisions into the two “tribes” ultimately hurt the universal (I hope) aim of reducing unwanted pregnancies and minimizing abortions.
I need your voice in that conversation.

I really enjoy you blog, as well as your comments at John’s blog- It would be nice if you posted more often but I’ll take what I can get.

My wife and I live in a city of 70000, so it is big by Northern Ontario standards. We actually have the Regional Health Center not 15 minutes from our house. We drive so far to a small Community Medical Center because they have more respect for my wife’s “birthing plan”, and the doctor you see during pregnancy is the one who delivers. We are considering a midwife only to have some consistency in the delivery room.

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