Happy Birthday, Misplaced Grace: A Meta-Post

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It was one year ago today that I published the “About” page on this blog.  It was two more days till I stopped being rude to visitors  and published a “Welcome to My Blog”, and my first post on global warming.

There have definitely been some changes around here in the last year, and I hope that there will be many more years of changes for this evolving blog of mine.   Here is a list of some of the things that have changed since June 2010…..

My Blogroll:   This was the first major addition to this blog, and has been updated several times since it first appeared.  If you want some idea of who I am following daily on the internet, this is the place to go.  My newest additions are Oscar, of Some Musician, and K. Syrah, of Shoes Never Worn; both recently graduated to my daily rounds.  Both are fantastic writers and both deserve as many new readers as I can give them.

Heterosexuals For Same Sex Equity(HSSE):  My sidebar hosts a link to HSSEs website.  This is a Toronto based organization that was co-founded by one of my good friends.  If you want information, or wish to order their “Straight, Not Narrow” swag, the site is a click away.

Planet Atheism, and by virtue, an RSS feed:  Thank Dan (Camels With Hammers) for this one.  I was added to Planet Atheism in November, and had to install an RSS feed to join.  I’m not sure if anyone else uses my RSS, but it’s there if you need it.

A New Contributor:  ZQTX, who I met through John Barron Jr., accepted my offer to be a guest contributor from time to time around here. The first post ever on Misplaced Grace that was not authored by me appeared on May 11th, and I hope that his contribution helps to keep the conversation going around here.

The Best Christian Blog Ever….SeriouslyMeet John Shore.  Here is why you probably counted him out before you read one word authored by him…..1) He is a Christian, and founder of Thru-Way Christians  2) He is a contributor to the Huffington Post

Those two things alone would normally guarantee that I was not going to like him.  Here’s the thing.  He is a gifted writer; I wish I had a fraction of his talent.  He takes what Christians tell us their faith is about, and actually demonstrates it in a way that makes sense.  Best yet, I so far agree with 99% of everything he says (save that nagging Jesus is God incarnate thingy,oh, and that there is a God to be incarnate….. and a few other minor quibbles).  I’m sure this was not an endorsement he was looking for, but I recommend him highly.  As does Dan Savage.

John should be required reading for every person, Christian and not-so-Christian alike.

Christian Friends of This Blog: You know, there is more to blogging than just a community of people who slap you on the back and tell you how great you are.  I spend a lot of time around here coming down on Christianity, and I’d like to show that there is a side to that faith that is inquisitive, revolutionary, and reasonable.  There are Christians who are trying to make a difference.  This is a list of Christians that for one reason or another, have impressed me enough to make me want to give them free advertizing.  In order, with an explanation they are:

Julie Ferwerda:  Over the last few months, Julie and I have become fast friends.  She is a published Christian author whose next book, Raising Hell: Christianity’s Most Controversial Doctrine Put Under Fire, I helped to edit.  Her commentary is smart, well supported, and entertaining.

Dan Trabue (Through The Woods): Dan is an Anabaptist and Christian blogger.  I really like his voice and consider him as good a representation of progressive Christianity as I have found anywhere.  His views are controversial in Christian circles, and that is why I find myself agreeing with so much of what he says.  He is not afraid to be castigated and disowned by his fellow Christians, and often is.

John Barron Jr.:  I don’t agree with John very often.  O.K., like almost never.  His views are Evangelical Orthodox, and there is not much for me to love about that.  John is different in some ways though.  He publishes dissenting comments.  He addresses those comments logically.  He doesn’t often quote the bible, and prefers to use reason to sway opinions.  If I am going to recommend someone who represents the Christianity that is so familiar to all of us, and represents it reasonably well, this is him.

Blogging is really about conversations.  It is about throwing your ideas out for others to see and hopefully starting a dialogue that helps to better form the way we view and understand our world.  My blog is a year old, and hopefully in its infancy it has helped to forward this goal.  Hopefully by the time Misplaced Grace is celebrating another year, it will have evolved enough to warrant another post full of changes.

I want to thank all my regulars, even Dan the Atheist Debunker, for helping me to keep the conversation going.


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4 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Misplaced Grace: A Meta-Post”

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George, thanks for the kind comments and congratulations on your anniversary!

Might I make a request, though? Would you mind terribly referring to my blog under its relatively new name, Through the Woods?

Interesting background story: Payne Hollow, if you don’t know, was the homestead of some heroes of mine: Harlan and Anna Hubbard. They married at around the age of 40 back in the 1940s and began living a very simple off-the-grid lifestyle on the banks of the Ohio River at their hand-built home at Payne Hollow. They basically lived a Thoreau-esque Walden existence, but did so for the last 40 years of their life (whereas Thoreau’s Walden experience was relatively short-lived).

They were beautiful, simple lifestyle advocates, artists, painters, writers, farmers and musicians. If you’re not familiar with it, I highly recommend any of his books, but especially, Payne Hollow.

When I began my blog, I envisioned focusing more on simple living themes and thus, I chose the name, Payne Hollow, as an homage. As it has turned out thus far, I have spent much of my time talking religion and politics, left/right sorts of themes. Which is fine, I enjoy it. But, it has occurred to me that it is not very representative of the Hubbards (who were not likely Christians and were probably atheists or agnostics, and who didn’t talk politics as directly as I do). I thought if people came to my blog expecting Hubbardian writing, well, that my title was misleading, so I’ve changed it.

More than you want to know and no big deal, but that would be my request, anyway. Thanks!

I’ll gladly change it Dan. As I said in my most recent comment on the other thread, I am intrigued and amazed by your ability to make a reasoned case for a very different brand of Christianity than the one of my youth. You are a special voice, one that I am honoured to highlight on my site.

By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you: Is your name George D Waye (and thus, your blog’s namesake – gdwaye)?

George David Waye, yes.
I thought there was a pun in there, since people use GD to stand for taking the Lords name in vain. I was being clever, which I recently found out is a bad thing.
I originally named my blog “Out Of The G.D. Waye”, but thought that it sounded too harsh if you didn’t get the pun, I changed it to Misplaced Grace, which I got from a youth sermon I wrote, and later a poem. You can read the story here.

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