Results from the Canadian Election

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It is almost midnight as I start writing this post.

The election in Canada is almost over.  The votes are cast, the ballots are counted, and we have a Conservative majority Government.  There are quite a few surprises to report.  Not many people would have guessed a Conservative majority.  Not many people would have guessed that the NDP would form the official opposition.  The separatist movement in Quebec is decimated.  The juggernaut of Canadian politics for the last 120 years, the beloved Liberal Party, has been marginalized to 34 seats, just a hair above 10% of the total seats in the House of Commons.  Two federal party leaders, Gilles Duceppe of the BQ and Micheal Ignatieff of the Liberals, failed to win their own seat in the House.   Lastly, and perhaps the most surprising to me, is that Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party, has one the first ever seat for that party in Canadian history.

After tomorrow, the landscape of Canadian politics will be forever different.  Will we finally see the true colours of the former Reform Party now that the Conservatives need not walk on eggshells?  Has the NDP finally pulled itself out of the wilderness and become a relevant force in Canadian politics?  Will politics in Quebec ever be the same?  Those questions are for tomorrow.

I am, as I am sure you are all aware, more than a little disappointed about a Conservative Majority.  This is not the direction I would choose for my country, and the next four years may be the most dangerous years in Canadian politics.   I can only hope that a vocal NDP opposition will work to temper some of the policies that our next Conservative government will fight for.

But tonight is a night to toast some victories.  The separatist Bloc Quebecois is standing at three seats right now.  The separatist spectre has been, for the time being at least, sent packing.  I hope desperately that the NDP can do the work necessary to earn the trust and respect of a province that has felt slighted and ignored virtually since confederation.  We can all be happy at the prospect of a more unified Canada.

I am happy also that the New Democratic Party has earned legitimacy in Canadian politics.  Long have I wished for a viable Left Wing alternative, a party that had a clear center-left agenda that could counter the complacency of the Liberals and the condescension of the Conservatives.  This is a victory for progressive Canadians.

I can’t help but be exited at the prospect of a Green Party MP in Ottawa.  I hope that this step helps to remind our elected officials that the environment is not a fringe issue in Canada.  I hope that this gain helps to bring the Green Party away from some of their more ridiculous and pseudo-scientific policy positions as they realize that their party has been given an opportunity at relevance.  I hope Elizabeth May never says in her victory speech that “The ark was built by amateurs, the Titanic by professionals.”  Crap.  She actually said that? Damn.  Jason will never let me live that one down!

Oh, and for all my talk about how my Liberal MP was a sure bet to win my riding, right now he is trailing by about 100 votes with one poll not reporting.  I’m apparently in one of the tightest races in the whole country.  Maybe I should have voted Liberal after all.

But I don’t regret the vote I cast.  Not one bit.

It’s 12:40 PM and the vote stands at 166 Conservatives, 104 NDP, 34 Liberals, 3 Bloc, and 1 Green.

Who’d of thunk it?


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9 Responses to “Results from the Canadian Election”

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Hey George,

Have you ever wondered why it is that conservatives are called the “right” and liberals are called the “left”?

The answer is in Ecclesiastes 10:2.

Its no wonder you are on the “left” :7)

Wow Dan,
That is blissfully ignorant of reality. The etymology of the term “right-wing” and “left-wing” dates back to the French Revolution, and refers to the seating arrangements in the Estates General, the French parliament. Generally speaking, those in the right wing of the parliament were pro-monarchist, law-and-order types, where the politicians seated in the left wing of parliament were generally supportive of the aims of the revolution and were reform minded.
So, no, I don’t really wonder where that term comes from.
I’ll give you a helpful tip when you wish to attempt to lie in the future. Don’t do it to an Economics/Poli-Sci major, and also don’t do it around people who live in a Parliamentary Democracy. That information I gave you is Fourth Grade Social Studies pop-quiz information for every Canadian.
For someone who prides himself on “debunking” people, you certainly are full of a lot of “bunk”!
As an educational aside, Ecc. 10-2 is the etymological origin of the term “right-hand man”, but not “righteousness”, as some Christians like to claim.
Hey, Dan… got pwned.

>>That is blissfully ignorant of reality.

*sigh No Georgy Porgy its your inability to recognize satire that certainly makes you a dork. Or, at the very least, dorkish.

I was going to say getting your panties in a bind is pure entertainment for me, but its getting uncomfortable now. Thanks for these smiles. Sorry it was at your expense but laughing at something together, at this point, seems to be a foreign endeavor.

Keep up the great work and learn to laugh just a little at things. Life is way too short to be that serious about such things as you apparently are. Especially if you believe this is ALL you will have. Loosen up a tad, buddy. Ribbing at you, and your beliefs, is turning out to be just awful. If I were you I would take a comedy course of some sort. Your “dryness” is getting everyone a bit thirsty. I have two lemon trees in my yard. You make me want to make lemonade right now. You’re always invited to join me for a cold glass but something tells me that our conversation would be much like this one if I ever invited you to a BBQ.

Oh and…

Receiving a geek (gaming) term like “you got pwned” from an Economics/Poli-Sci major, such as yourself, is like watching someone trip in the Special Olympics. It just makes you cringe and say “awww”.


Nice save Dan!
I’m sure every person reading my blog is going to believe that you were joking. You may want to take some classes on delivery, because you really missed the mark.
The reality though, is that your target audience (who is not me, or my readers) are just gullible enough to believe that your comment was written in jest. You tried to misrepresent a fact, you got caught, and then you plead comedy. That is the only joke around these parts.

You’ll have to do better than that……

>>Nice save Dan!

It was not an attempt to save but to enlighten…you.

>>I’m sure every person reading my blog is going to believe that you were joking.

I certainly hope so.

>>You may want to take some classes on delivery, because you really missed the mark.

Do you mean this mark, :7)?

Its called an emoticon and they are used by us geeks to show emotion and is a lighthearted way of displaying things in jest.

If I were to say, for example, you’re a dork.

People would think I called you a dork

If I were to say you’re a dork :7)

Then people should understand it as playful banter to lightly call you something in jest. Maybe you, hopefully, just misunderstood my emoticon. Maybe you’re n00bish and not the geek that can play with us 1337 that know jest when we read it. BTW, I add the “7” as playful banter back at myself because I am a big nosed Jew, so I use “:7)” all the time instead of the usual 🙂 to show everyone its from me.

Nice try Georgy Porgy :7)

>>The reality though, is that your target audience (who is not me, or my readers) are just gullible enough to believe that your comment was written in jest. You tried to misrepresent a fact, you got caught, and then you plead comedy. That is the only joke around these parts.

Bandwagon fallacy? For Realz? Could this conversation get any better? I submit, No! Bwahahahahahha

This is why you are a legend in your own mind Dan.
You just create the position of whomever you argue against and then “shadowbox” to your hearts content. You don’t accomplish anything, you just tell people what they think, tell them how wrong what you think they think is, like it actually is their position, then brag around town that you “debunk” people. Sad, really.
Your first comment was no joke, at least the part where you claimed that political “right” is derived from a biblical passage. My guess is that you actually believed it, you are now too proud to stand corrected. I actually don’t think you lied about that, I think you were just misinformed. Your problem is that you are too proud, too arrogant, too full of hubris to admit that you might have been wrong. These are not the attributes of a real Christian. These are the ramblings of a deeply imperfect man. We are all faulted, but the point of being is to aim to be better. I hope you can do better on your walk. Sad, really.

The second half of your first comment was a playful dig. I understand that. I never said it wasn’t. I understood the emoticon for what it was; an attempt to playfully toss around veiled insults. I do that too. I’m good with that. The reality is that you tried to pass off the whole comment as a joke instead of misinformation followed by a playful dig. If you can’t be honest with yourself, who can you be honest with Dan?………Jesus?

That was funny, Dan.

Now, don’t you have some Harry Potter-reading children to stone to death? Exodus 22:18.



It really was, in its entirety, a playful joke on you and liberals. Its a common joke that is thrown out to “lefties” all the time here in the US. We have humor though.

Here is another: The conservatives are “right” and the liberals don’t want to be called “wrong” so they call themselves “left”…

See? Jokes.

You do not have to believe any of it, its OK. I will be able to move on. You?

Speaking of “liberated”. This is why I stopped, long ago, trying to convince men of anything. As you know lying is a big deal for me. All I have to be is right with God now, not men. My yess’s are yes and my no’s are no. (Matthew 5:37)

Was it all just a joke? Yes

You see, its easier when someone you love knows your thought life. God knows the truth. Thanks for the laughs though, you are precious.

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