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Universalism, Rob Bell, and Why You Should Care

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Some of you may have heard of Rob Bell.  If you are a professing Christian, there is a 100%

He even LOOKS like the Devil, or a guy I see at Starbucks all the time, I'm not sure...

chance that you have heard of Rob Bell.  If you are a RealChristian™, there is a 100% chance you think he’s a heretic who will burn in Hell.

For the uninformed in our audience- What, do you suppose, would warrant RealChristians™ bypassing the judgement of their Savior and being certain of his impending fate?

Is he an atheist?  Well, no.  An abortion doctor? Nope.  An evolutionist?  I’m not certain.  He must be saying that Jesus was just a really great guy? Not even close.

He’s a Universalist…..well, maybe.

Bell is a pastor at a Michigan church and a Christian author.  His new book, LOVE WINS: A Book About Heaven, Hell, And The Fate Of Every Person Who Ever Lived, Bell supposedly argues for Universalism- that heretic doctrine that God will bring every person into His


Kingdom.  I say supposedly because the book has not even been released yet.  Christians have decided that the provocative title and even more provocative publisher’s blurb (and promotional video) are enough to sentence Bell to an eternity of torment.  No need to read the book, say many Christians, we can judge the whole book based on a title, blurb, and video.

It is the intellectual equivalent of saying that Kurt Vonnegut is the worst author in history based solely on watching the trailer for “Breakfast Of Champions”.


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