A Video Is Worth 10,000 Words….

Posted on January 20, 2011. Filed under: Atheism, Humour, Religion |

I read a whole series of posts on prayer over at Lousy Canuck this past summer, just to find out that the subject could be summarized in a cute 3 minute cartoon.  Thanks a lot Jason.  Thanks a lot….

From The Thinking Atheist (Via Cafe Witteveen)

All kinds of awesome…..


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3 Responses to “A Video Is Worth 10,000 Words….”

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Ah, I remember praying Susie well! Good video.

I didn’t watch the video…I was just finished with my prayers…so I didn’t want to “face the music” just yet. I’ll view it tomorrow.

I need your input. I couldn’t find a “contact” section on your site, so I just thought I’d post here…where there weren’t so many comments…

Look, something huge has happened. You ever heard of Zondervan Publishing House? Well, they requested my website address and I haven’t answered them yet.

I just really need some input. Is it dishonorable if I go in and delete everything “controversial” from my site… just in case maybe they want to “sign” me and I am a peon who can’t get anyone to look at my stuff (I’m nearly finished with a fictional novel for juveniles which parallels C. S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, but it’s called The Chronicles of Leahsaiyandra…and the children aren’t transported through magic, but…through some experiments with “resonance” and pre-21st century “string-theory-like” stuff.

Or am I worrying too much?? Should I just leave site “as is,” and risk kissing my only shot in a lifetime of getting a contract?

Pleeeeaaaase. I respect your opinion. What would you do? (The proposal I sent them is not fictional, but for use in the ministry–for reforming the Church Proper…e.g. some of her sophistication, and her “outdated” thinking (rejecting evolution, etc.)

Anyhow–I’m sure a large publishing house like that might not appreciate me being “controversial” at first… I would need to establish myself, and then bring out the “hard stuff” my brothers and sisters have a hard time hearing…right??

I’m a social clutz, anyway, so I thought I’d ask you what you would do in that position.


I replied to you via e-mail using the e-mail you use for your wordpress account. Please read it there. If you didn’t get it, let me know. You can get my e-mail by looking in your comment section and looking by my avatar.

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