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“Time To Get Rapture Ready”- Pope Honky Reports.

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In this file photo-NOT AN ARTISTS RENDERING- Pope Honky I shows his growing concearn.

Pope Honky I a.k.a. Jeremy of Cafe Witteveen reports that the rapture will begin in 2011, starting May 21st.  The rapture will begin in earnest with those of us Left Behind forced to wade through another grueling 5 months of recession and a Secret Muslim Presidency before the official End of Days in October.  The only good news for those of us who must wait is that the proportion of self righteous assholes on the planet should be greatly diminished, and a larger slate of PGA and MLB games will be broadcast on television to fill the void left by Sunday Morning Religious Programming.  NASCAR will, unfortunately, be canceled. We can all be grateful for this, yet that asshole Jesus won’t even give us one more Thanksgiving holiday to celebrate.

Confirmation of the pending apocalypse comes from Harold Camping of California-based Family Radio Worldwide, whose own calculations are responsible for the May 21st prediction.  He is joined by many supporters, including Chris McCann of eBible Fellowship and legions of other perfectly sane individuals who are traveling cross country to spread the “good news”.  There is even a website, We Can Know, which is dedicated to disseminating the message to people just smart enough to operate a computer yet gullible enough to believe everything they read on it.  In an effort to lend credence to the story and not at all to make light of abject stupidity, the Washington Post recently jumped on board with an article discussing the issue.

In preparation for the coming apocalypse, several heathens are beginning to question their favorite hairdressers and restaurant owners on their relative piety, in the hopes that they will still be able to get a decent haircut and/or Sausage-on-a-Bun between May and October of this year.  “I, gladly, have a gay hairdresser,” says one atheist “I can only imagine what others must be going through.”  Another atheist laments “If I can’t get some grits, if I have to eat Baba Ganoush and Naan for five months, I swear I’ll have to kill somebody.”

Pope Honky warns his followers not to invest in any cosmetic companies that cater to Caucasians exclusively, as they are the largest group to be Rapture Ready, nor in sunscreen or bland food products as the majority of the existing population will be brown and ethnic.  He says that these measures will help keep your finances in order until the billions of dollars stolen by Christian Churches is dispersed in a massive Global lottery, planned sometime in June.

For more information on this story you can read the article at the Washington Post, or visit

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A Year in Review: Misplaced Grace

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This has been a fun first year of blogging.  I graduated from a chronic lurker and occasional commenter on other blogs to having my own platform with which to discuss those topics that really interest me.  I want to give new readers a bit of a review of my first year of blogging so that everyone can catch up on issues they may find interesting but missed the first time around.  I also want to take this opportunity to go over some of my upcoming plans for posts and projects in the new year so that I can get feedback to help shape what direction I go with this blog and it’s content.

Misplaced Grace had it’s first post back on June 10th of 2010.   After the required “Welcome to My Blog” post, I chose Anthropogenic Global Warming as my first subject for a full post.  My WordPress widget tells me that that first post received a grand total of 5 views, the first one being a month after this blog started. Not exactly a winner out of the gates.   The first post that ever received a comment, as well as the first post that ever got a significant number of hits was about Andrew Rosenberg, a teenager who got in over his head by e-mailing PZ Myers.  One of the comments turned out to be from Andrew himself, and this prompted two more posts where I tried to answer his questions about evolution, religion, and science.  These posts turned out to be among my most popular, as well as contributing to many new pageviews long after the posts were published.   The You’re Not Helping debacle got me the busiest single day of traffic ever to my blog, and still gets regular hits.  My Apologetics and Apostasy series came next, followed by a sometimes rocky exchange with a theist when I commented on her blog and linked a post that turned into a great and thought provoking conversation.  My long and drawn out argument with astrologers over at Lousy Canuck became the impetus for some cross posts as well as a challenge with James Alexander that has not yet come to fruition.  My commentary on the Wikileaks/Assange rape case finished off the year with a bang.  I joined Planet Atheism this fall, and it has certainly helped.  So here is a breakdown of my first year of blogging, both statistically and personally, with added commentary.

Misplaced Grace 2010

Total posts: 40– This breaks down to about 6 or 7 a month, a number I would like to increase in the New Year.  My goal is to have 2 or 3 posts a week.  So hopefully my 2012 New Year message will have a total around 110-150 posts for the year.

Total Pageviews: About 2800– That averages to about 70 views per post, and I would be pretty happy to keep that pace.  My goal for 2011 then would be somewhere around 10,000 views.

Total Comments: 215– A bit deceptive because I reply to almost every comment, so let’s half that number and say 107.  That is less than three comments per post, and the number I would most like to change.  I need to make posts that demand feedback; something that I have had trouble doing thus far….

Busiest single day: October 6th, 2010, 69 views–  WOW! I remember that day and it was a real high.  That number seems really low, but to me it was really exciting.  I would love to get over 100 views in a single day this year.

Most viewed post:  Polaris Software:  A Critical Analysis–  Other than my homepage, this post has generated the most views at 292.  Every one of my astrology posts has had more than 50 views, making them pretty popular.

Least Viewed Post: Anthropogenic Global Warming and the Denial of Science– Only 5 views.  Sad, really.  I kind of like that post…..

My Favorite Post:Does Righteousness Recuse One From A Rape Investigation–  I really like this post and I really liked writing it.  I also enjoyed the discussion that ensued.

What To Expect In 2011

Here is a list of posts I have been sitting on for the coming year, as well as some projects I have planned.  Commentary is appreciated.

1. The Ian Juby Project: I plan to pick apart some YouTube clips from Ian Juby of the  Portable Creation Museum Project.  This guy lives in my backyard, just down the road in the Ottawa Valley in Ontario.  He runs a traveling creation museum that aims to spread creationist propaganda to any group willing to pay his expenses.  Lots of lies, half truths, and misrepresentations.  I want to address as many as I can, to offer a resource for people being shoveled his brand of bullshit.

2. My Conversation with Jehovah’s Witnesses: I have been getting these people at my door lately and want to make the most of it.  I find that for a group of people who go door to door trying to sell their religion, not many of us really know what exactly they believe.  I am going to take one for the team and sit them down for a series of conversations, which I will blog about here.  Any submissions of questions would be appreciated, as well as suggestions for how I should format the exchange.  I am kind of excited about this project, I am really interested about where JW’s stand on a host of issues.

3.  Evolution and Science Debates in Meatspace:  I have a creationist friend who is getting a basic cable television project developed on the intersection of faith and science.  I  will be a contributor and presenter in parts of this series and I hope to keep everyone abreast of developments as they emerge.

4.  Expanded Canadian Content:  I want to try and focus on Canadian issues and content in the coming year.  This will hopefully include a few more posts on Canadian history and politics, as well as some current events stories.  An election is looming, and this should provide fodder for more posts with Canadian content.

5. Tying up Loose Ends:  I had some posts this year where I wanted to do more research or work and have fresh posts on the topic.  In some cases I made commitments that remain unfulfilled.  I hope to sew these up this year, with an end to my Apologetics and Apostasy series, a meeting of my challenge to Polaris astrology software and other subjects.  (more…)

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