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Welcome Planet Atheism Readers!

reason for the season

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After a few weeks away from my blog and the internet, I come back to find out that I have finally been included in the Planet Atheism blogroll!   I am overjoyed and honored at the prospect of reaching a much larger audience.

For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time, Misplaced Grace is the blog of George W., a  part time blogger from Northern Ontario, Canada.  Expect to see a focus on atheism, skepticism, and science treated both seriously and lightly.  I also regularly blog about whatever else piques my interest; politics, social justice issues, philosophy, Canadiana, and nerd-crack.   In fact, if you are an American reading this, you may want to completely ignore my posts during a Canadian election cycle unless you really have an interest in Canadian politics.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


I feel like I have some explaining to do to the five or so regular readers of this blog.  I have been, whether noticeably or not, absent from the blogosphere for over a month and a half now.

Well I am back…

But that doesn’t explain to Jason, or Jeremy, or Sinned, or my Minion where exactly I have been.   Well here is the lowdown…..

I have been busy with a few projects….

  1. I decided to do some continuing education.  I don’t want to give away the nature of this course yet, but I assure you I’m not pursuing my Masters in Theology or studying to become a priest or rabbi or anything crazy like that.
  2. I have been researching in the hopes of being able to start up a Freethinker’s organization or something similar in my city.  I may be picking some of your brains on this project.
  3. As those of you who have facebooked  me know, I was pretty tied up with an election campaign for a friend this fall.
  4. I am trying to hash out a rough draft for a fiction book that I have been obsessing over for the past two and a half months.
  5. I have been working on a local basic cable project with a friend.
  6. I got Netflix on my Wii.  Oh, and the original Final Fantasy.

So, yes, most of my time has been spent on #6.  There are so many good documentaries on Netflix.  Bad ones too.  I finally watched Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed because Netflix is free for the first month and that means I didn’t have to spend any money on something I knew going in was going to be absolute crap.  I was not proven wrong.

I watched 2012:Doomsday on Jason’s suggestion.  It is even worse than he gives it credit for.  My full review is going to be my next post.

I also beat FF twice.  Once with F-T-Rm-Rm and once with F-F-Wm-Bm.  Jason and Sinned are likely the only people who understood the last two sentences.  That game is still epic twenty years on….

So that is what has been going on.  I guess I just needed a breather.

I’m going to try to get back on pace…..

Happy Holidays!!!


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17 Responses to “Welcome To (Back To?) Misplaced Grace”

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Welcome back, George W.

Now get back to work!


If you continue to tell me what to do you can go Honk Yourself…..

Final Fantasy for the NES … that takes me back to childhood.

I was wondering where you got to. Welcome back.

Thanks Ahab!
I am happy to be back!

I have to admit, I was wondering what the hell happened to you! The panic overtook me, forcing me to neglect my own blog for the past little while.
I understand your obsession with Netflix. I did one better, and filled up my 1Tb mirror with a collection of AVI rips of movies & TV shows, plus a massive compilation of NES & Sega ROMs, followed by eight gigs of classic DOS games. I’ve barely scratched the surface of the videos, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed replaying Maniac Mansion, Eye Of The Beholder, Ultima V, X-Com: UFO Defense, Starflight, Wolfenstein 3D, and Bandit Kings Of Ancient China.
Of course, I SHOULD have been studying up on Cisco Voice for an upcoming work project and recording my oh-so-important opinion on the massive quantity of religious and right-wing political stupidity overflowing our culture recently… Look: Pool Of Radiance!

I wonder, do you know if there is a downloadable version of Burger Time for Intellivision? That was my favorite game as a child, as well as Advanced D&D. I am glad to be back and did visit your blog not that long ago. I must say that I like the clean shaven look, and was really disappointed to not get a peak at the ‘stache you grew for Movember.
Your “before” picture with the goatee reminds me of two things:
1. The linebacker I got paired up against in Bantam football in Grade 9: I could hardly grow pubic hair; I swear this guy’s wife and kids were cheering for him on the sidelines!
2. The “edgy” guitarist from my church rock band- We put the “H” and “owl” in Harp and Bowl, bitches!

I have a wonderful collection of Intellivision emulators and ROMs, including BurgerTime, Advanced D&D, and AD&D: Treasures Of Tarmin!
As for the ‘stache, I do have a photo floating about, so I suppose I should post it. My wife can’t wait for the goat to regrow (and I plan on growing it back bigger and better than ever!), because she’s sick of getting spiked in the face by my stubble!
And I know lots about being the “edgy” guy at church – I was the headbanger who moms hated because I was always getting their kids interested in those evil Christian bands like Tourniquet, Deliverance, Mortification, and Vengeance Rising.

You just named my three favorite intellivision games in order. Add shark, Shark and He-Man and you get my top 5.

Let me see what I can find. I’m heading out of town for work Thursday and Friday, but I can probably email you the files on the weekend, since they’re only a few MB total.

Forget your F-T-Rm-Rm. I shit you not, I beat it once with four reds. Started a four Thieves game once too, but it got a little out of hand hard and I never picked it back up. But imagine how much it would have owned when you got the Rat Tail…

Four Thieves would at least be cheap, unless you splurge on catclaws after you get the airship. But why, the Ninja can equip almost any sword? It would be really hard to level up though, and heal potions would cost a lot. After Bahamut would be awesome though, and you would have two Katanas, a sun sword and the masamune in the final temple with 4 spellcasters to cast Fast. I want to try two blacks, a white and a red. I also want to use the blackbelt in a party but I’m torn as to how to choose the party. F-Bm-BB-BB. F-Rm-BB-Wm?
I always avoid the BB but they kick ass at the end.

It’s taken me a few days to work up the courage to admit this… It’s so difficult to admit, I’m so ashamed! But, er… I never finished FF. Not once. Oh, Christ – I feel so hollow inside! I still have my last save on the cart, so I can finish anytime! Does the fact that I finished Ultima V six times count? How about the gold box PC Pool Of Radiance three times? I still have the box with 5 1/2 inch floppies! Oh, come on! I even played the hell out of the original RTS: Utopia on Intellivision!

I don’t have to turn my Nerd Membership card in, do I? I can still browse NCIX for computer gear, can’t I? How about if I break out my 2nd Edition D&D manuals for an old-time gaming session?

Shit, I shouldn’t have said anything…

I think there is a support group for that…..
FF is a classic. Why anyone would pick it up and not finish it is a mystery.

You are dead to me.

I also tried to join PA but my request seems to go unanswered, any ideas?
By the way my blog is:

Just to let you know, I applied to be part of PA in July. I got approved in Nov. The admin apologised for taking so long in his e-mail to me. It is likely hard to admin a site that runs itself, aggregators don’t have to deal with creating content or answering comments, so getting in the habit of checking frequently is going to be a struggle against your attention span. I’ll be sure to check out your blog though, the name alone gets me intrigued….

So when I got to “William’s” site, I get a Go Daddy run aggregate page. With lot’s of Pokemon suggestions. So I either got cleverly spammed or William needs to fix his shit…

Wait! I forgot blogspot in the address!

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