Atheist in God’s Country….

Posted on July 29, 2010. Filed under: Astrology and Related Bunk, Atheism, Personal |

This week is ending with a bang.  I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon to head down to my best friend Greg’s Cottage for a weekend of golf and R&R.

Sunset: therefor God. End of Argument.

So other than checking comments, doing the rounds, and checking a few new friends blogs on Friday morning, I will be indisposed for the whole of the long weekend.  I understand that this will come as a bit of a disappointment to my 4 regular readers ( You know who you are), but rest assured that I will be back to the daily grind on Tuesday with a new post.  I might even include some photos of me relaxing out in God’s country. (I wish their were a better term for it)

I am really excited.  I don’t get a ton of vacation time during the year, and I relish the opportunity to get away from the daily grind.

"I can't imagine a chair without a designer"-Ray Comfort. "I can't imagine that chair without my ass in it"- George W.

So just a friendly reminder that I am not purposely ignoring you  or your comments, I’m just (thankfully) miles away from internet access.

To make Jason smile, here is a mini RCIMT for you.


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Thanks for the plug. I’ve added your blog into my links page for the 5 or so people I know who are regular readers of mine.

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