How I miss Z-Denny!

Posted on July 6, 2010. Filed under: Humour, Personal, Random, Trolls |

I need to buy some time while I mash together a whole string of margin notes into a post about cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias for my multi post series on Apologetics and Apostasy.

While I was feeling unmotivated today, I got curious about Z-Denny, a fantastic little troll who always seemed to frequent the same blogs as me.  So I googled him.  I reminisced over some of his tripe at Cafe Witeveen, then, in a weird sort of way…kind of missed him.  I have now decided….

I need my own pet troll.

I have no idea how to find one.  I guess I should just spurt out a bunch of blasphemous things and hope I get a hit.  Oh well, until my pet troll finds me, I guess this will have to do:

Editors Note:  I plan to name him Cornelius.  I don’t care what he calls himself-his name is Cornelius.  If it’s a girl I’ll call her Agatha.


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8 Responses to “How I miss Z-Denny!”

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It’ll come in due time. It took me about a year before I got my first real troll.

Do I really need to wait a year Jason? Isn’t there some kind of troll temp agency I can go to till then?

LOL. I don’t know if you were able to see that he popped out of retirement for two comments about two months ago at my blog. I could dig them up if you wanted.

We shared some personal emails just before he hung up the towel and then right after that were relatively exciting.

I’m stuck on the idea that he was doing something that pissed off his wife on the Internet and she’s the reason he quit, but I really have no idea where he went so abruptly.

Maybe group therapy a la Fight Club is in order?

I only say this to brag, because I miss him too.

I missed that he commented recently on your blog. I actually stumbled across your blog for the first time recently. I lurked for awhile, then commented for the first time yesterday. We seem to frequent a lot of the same blogs, so I know you have good taste. 😉
I would love to see what he wrote but if you tell me the subject of the original post, I bet I could sock puppet a pretty good ZDenny response anyway. I liked him because he didn’t beat you to death with bible quotes to fill up the meat of his posts, even if his ideas were inflammatory and misinformed. He made for some great arguments though, and he keeps the “Religionist-stabbing pencil” sharp for when you get your next troll. I’d be proud to call him Cornelius. He is still active, but instead lets the blasphemers come to him.
I believe your assessment to be likely true. He must have been spending an unfathomable amount of time on the internet, and this surly would have strained his marriage. I think the Kingdom Insight move lets him be on the internet less as he can just be reactive to comments there instead of trolling.

I’m in for group therapy, maybe with Jason at Lousy Canuck and Laura from Redheaded Skeptic! We could reminisce, talk about old times, and try to do our best ZDenny impressions. ZDenny may even understand then that we were listening, we just didn’t care.

I do miss him to though…..

I haven’t had a chance to respond to your comment, but thanks for checking out Le Café. I’ve been trying to get my stuff together for an upcoming trip, and I’ve been posting only quick links to videos.

I don’t know if you saw, but I’m tagging along on a Christian Missions trip to document it and to spread my atheistic message in Asia.

The two posts that zdenny came out of retirement for were these two (both dated 5/2/10; he made one comment after the other):

You can also see the post that I made when I figured out he disappeared here:

Looking forward to the therapy sessions!


Damn, wordpress and its one link minimum. I can’t figure out how to turn that function off at my blog either.

Two things-

You can customize the amount of links your filter will allow by clicking on Settings>Discussion- Scroll to bottom- right above the big box there is a section that allows you to choose. I chose three because it seemed like a good number. I just changed it to 5.


I looked at your links and found it very un-ZDenny-like to make one comment and then vanish on both threads, especially when thrown a huge “Macro-evolution isn’t Micro-evolution” bone like “It has been observed. Most obviously with dog breeding. Scientists have observed it with bacteria, viruses, and even insects such as fruit flies. “. That is a tirade of creationist fallacies waiting to happen right there and he didn’t take the bait!

Somethings rotten in the state of Denmark.

Thanks for the blog help. I have looked and looked for the solution to that problem.

You’re right, it’s not like zdenny to bail on that kind of discussion. But this was a couple months after he disappeared and I had that email conversation with him why he retired his blog and twitter accounts.

It was his IP address, though, so it had to be him.

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